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Thank you to our past and present presidents, and to those of our military who serve in these challenging positions as we hold tight together to keep America free! Enjoy Johnny Cashs' story of the "Ragged Old Flag". We have much to be thankful for!Ragged Old Flag" by Johnny Cash Listen to Johnny Cash: Subscribe to the official Johnny Cash YouTube Channel: https://John... ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you, Fran Melino, for sharing! As I watch this "gentle" video, I wonder how many of you are seeing the calm and quiet approach of the handlers? Their body language is soft and non-threatening. As they confidently guide their horses through various obstacles notice how each has a "big looped" lead line, a, what I like to call, "leading by your fingers" soft approach, and not once do they pull or tug at these beautiful animals to do what they may not be ready to do. It's the horse's trust in their human leaders that allows their willingness to move forward. We should all take notice of the kindness and always bring it forward to our equine and other animal partners!

Gerhard Jes Krebs on LinkedIn: #HorseDream #EAHAE #GerhardJesKrebs
I am happy to share feedback on our latest HorseDream certification workshop in Germany: "There are no words for these seminar days... Despite 30 years...
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The gentle way is how I learned to lead at my first therapeutic barn. They taught me to drive with a long line and lunge and listen to the horse. Always use a gentle hand. This is a great work shop for volunteers!♥️

Brrr! It is going to be a cold Saturday! MCE will be closed for lessons and volunteers tomorrow. We are sorry, but stay home, keep warm, and play some cards or board games over a nice cup of hot cocoa! ... See MoreSee Less


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Patti Lessard I didn’t realize you opened back up! Good news 😊

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