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veterans: active and non-active military personnel are invited, at no cost, to participate in equine facilitated activities supported by individual and corporate donations, fundraising events, and grants

first responders: children through age 18 who have lost a parent serving on the police or fire departments are invited to participate in equine facilitated activities under the “Angels of America’s Fallen” program pending scholarship availability.

riding lessons: all ability levels ages 4 – seniors.
Special Programs special programs: equine facilitated learning to read “My horse and I can read”, Alzheimer/Dementia “Seniors for Seniors”, addiction recovery, trauma, at-risk youth, and other emotional and behavioral programs for those facing life’s challenges.
Volunteers volunteer opportunities: company volunteer day’s, students in all levels of education, ie; college, high school, etc, Eagle Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, nursing groups, 4H, and any other organizations seeking volunteer opportunities.

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Mill Circle Equestrian
100 Mill Circle
Winchendon MA 01475
Director Patti Lessard
(239) 595-2096

non-profit, 501c3 organization